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Bedroom is where you actually enjoy your life best after a long working or studying day. It is the place to rest, a place to stay peacefully and the place that you probably spend most of your time sleeping to recharge your battery for the upcoming challenges.

This article is going to introduce to you some small tips on how to prepare your room in a good feng shui layout so your sleeping quality will not be negatively affected.

1. The position of your bed

The bed should be placed near the door, ensuring that the person lying on the bed can see it clearly. This is to create an awareness of safety. However, the bed should not be placed directly opposite the main door since the energy flow here is so strong that can make you become insomnia. Besides, you have to avoid putting the bed too close to the window or facing the window. If there is no way to change such position, you should close the window and put the curtain on when it comes to your bedtime. According to feng shui, such positions can also decrease your sleep quality. It is also recommended that you should not place the bed right under the ceiling fan or ceiling lamp since it will have bad effect on your sleep. Finally, it is good to putthe bed in the middle of the room with the bed head standing by the strong solid wall as these stand for the harmony of your relationships and the positive atmosphere of your living space.

2. Keep your room clean and stay away from electronic devices

Since the bedroom is more on the “Yin” side rather than “Yang” side, it is necessary to create a peaceful and quiet surrounding for the place. Besides, electrical devices like TV, radio, computer, … should not be put in the bedroom. If you wish to use your mobile phone in the room, you should turn it to Airplane mode since all of the devices mentioned above can create magnetic power which is not good for your health. Furthermore, you should not put your dirty clothes or personal belongings on or under the bed. A messy and unclean room will not let the energy flow easily, which can cause sleep deprivation. 

3. Things should be placed in pairs

No matter you are a single lady, a happy FA person or a married one, putting things in pairs will bring the feeling of balance and harmony to the room (such as putting 2 pillows, 2 night lamps, etc.)

4. Close the bathroom or toilet door when you go to sleep

This is to ensure that all the dirt, smell and the negative energy will not disturb your sleep.

5. Separate the working and the sleeping area

Putting a study table inside the bedroom is not a bad idea due to convenience and sized-optimization. However, in order to be comfortable and not distracted when sleeping, there should be specific separation between these 2 areas. A curtain or a plank partition is a wise choice.

6. Close your closet the room door

According to feng shui, opening the room door or the closet can impact negatively on your energy when you go to sleep. Therefore, it is better to keep both closed. 

I hope that with such small tips, you are now confident to decorate and design a beautiful and appropriate bedroom for yourself.